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I’ve heard of cookies, but what exactly are they?

Cookies are one of today’s main tools, used by almost all websites, to offer their users an enhanced experience while browsing their website. In particular, the user’s Web browser will store some data in a local folder, so that the navigation on the website can take place with speed and all of the website features.

There are various types of cookies, but they can all be divided to some cookie types:
Main Cookies knows as 1st party cookies and additional cookies, known as the 3rd party cookies, because they are cookies placed in the folder to service 3rd parties through our website.
Another distinction of cookie types is regarding their duration of existence in the user system. The cookies are permanent when they remain on the system indefinitely unless deleted by some automatic or manual procedure, or session cookies when they will exist on the system as long as the user browser session is open and then they are deleted.
Finally, a wider variety of cookies exists, that includes tracking URLs, pixel tags, gifs etc. These tools are also used to track information on your system, whether it be a laptop or personal computer, or a mobile device.

So how does GreciaGo use cookies?

GreciaGo uses cookies for its operational functions and to facilitate your browsing experience. We do not use 3rd party cookies, advertising services cookies etc. by design, except for the automatic and mandatory 3rd party cookies associated with Google services. We aim to provide a safe gateway for you, while you envision your next destination without forwarding any data on your behavior to others. Our cookies are used in order to bring you the best possible experience, with faster page loading, assisting you on your booking and service purchase journey with choices you make. Please remember that all cookie technologies have limitations, so unless you are signed in as a customer on our website, you may experience some loss of information during your visits, due to unforeseen external factors, such as browser or internet connection issues or changes; and surely you will miss out on the opportunity to continue your leisure journey on our platform, from different devices, jumping from your laptop for example to your mobile, if you are not a registered user.

I want to learn more, can you help me find out more information?

Please feel free to contact us at any time with inquires on technical issues and cookies, our staff is ready to assist you with direct information or by inquiring on your behalf to the proper entities, persons or authorities. We are always there for your through our contact forms, phones and email
In any case, please find below some useful links regarding cookies and their uses, as well as your options on handling the information collected and used via your Internet Browsing sessions in general.