Terms & Conditions

We at GreciaGo aim for quality and transparency in our services. Please find here our Terms and Conditions and in case of any doubt, do contact us at info@greciago.com.

GreciaGo products and services modifications

GreciaGo reserves the right to update the taxes and fees of the services and products provided and modify all services included in the products. GreciaGo is responsible for informing its customers of the changes before their application on the customers’ chosen products via email or phone, as per the customers’ chosen mode of communication, but cannot be held responsible for any missed or neglected communication by the customers.

GreciaGo and third parties

GreciaGo provides standalone or combined services of third parties to its customers, at special prices due to its long-standing leisure business affiliations and collaboration with these third parties. However, GreciaGo is not responsible for the final delivery of these services and although GreciaGo will act on behalf of the interest of its customers, it cannot be held responsible for third parties’ failures to deliver services that meet the GreciaGo customers’ expectations. GreciaGo takes measures to avoid any such occurrence, where customers are dissatisfied by the service deliveries, via communicating to its customers and third parties the relevant necessary information, to the best of its abilities.


The Villas, Hotels and any other accommodation included in GreciaGo products are chosen by the GreciaGo staff, with company criteria of quality of service. GreciaGo reserves the right to modify any accommodation entity used in its products, based on the company’s inner criteria and the company’s only commitment is to inform its customers and online platform of the modifications in a timely manner, where applicable. Additionally, and unless stated otherwise, all accommodation services include daily breakfast.


Any transportation service related to GreciaGo products is not included in the purchased product, except if explicitly stated so in the product description and included in the Product Itinerary. Customers of GreciaGo are requested to study and agree upon the delivered services as communicated prior to and at the purchase. Transportation services included in our products are private type services. In case of non-private services, all of our transportation activities are carried out in quality selected vehicles, with licensed professional drivers, and similarly include licensed tour guides and escorts.

Travel insurance

GreciaGo offers Health and Cancelation options of travel insurance services for its customers. These services are products of industry wide acclaimed providers and all customer claims will be addressed by the relevant providers. GreciaGo is a mediator on all Insurance related services and is not liable for any insurance relevant claim, for all insurance options whether they are included in GreciaGo services or are optionally selected by the customers.

Not inclusions in GreciaGo Products

Services such as hotel accommodation tax, airline tickets, airport taxes, visa expenses, tips (non-compulsory), transportation fees if transfer is not provided, optional tours are not included in the GreciaGo products unless otherwise stated in the final purchase offer sent to the customer. The customer retains the choice of customizing their program according to their liking before proceeding with the finalized product purchase.

Children and infants

In some packages special discounts for children and infants may be applied, those special discounts will be offered only when true documentation such as passport is provided by the customer for the persons applicable for these discounts. GreciaGo reserves the right to charge additional operational fees in cases where customers have provided false facts relevant to these discounts, including intentional and unintentional false information remittance by the customers.

Baggage Restrictions

For all flights booked by GreciaGo, the customer will always be informed of any applicable baggage restrictions. However, in most cases, the flight bookings will include a handbag as well as a bag per person. These items will follow the relevant airline company restrictions in size and format and this information will be communicated to the customer by GreciaGo upon booking information. A minimum of 8Kgs carryon handbag is allowed, with a maximum that can be up to 20Kgs, according to the airline regulations.

Air Travel

All of our products do not include any local or international airline tickets, except for where explicitly detailed on the package/tour included services. As always, our experienced staff can assist you in the process of finding and booking your air fares and will be glad to receive your inquiries and concerns.

Health related considerations

GreciaGo customers are responsible for disclosing any physical or mental state, that necessitates the delivery of special attention or treatment, during the booking procedure. GreciaGo will take all necessary steps to provide guidance and services that meet the needs of its valued customers.


GreciaGo takes proactive steps to maintain an updated pricing for all services included in its products. However, due to unforeseen events and conditions, as described below, product prices are subject to change in the event of increases from suppliers, currency fluctuation and/or fuel charges.
All prices include taxes.
In some cases, a supplement will be charged for single passengers, relevant to single rooms’ occupancy. This information will be provided during reservation and booking process.

Deposits and payments

A deposit amount per person or per package or full prepayment for packages is necessary within 30 days or more after the booking date. This information will be available during the booking process to the customers. In case of last-minute bookings our agent will inform you about the date frame and the amount of money to be paid. In all cases, if the agreed deposit is not received as requested, the booking will be canceled automatically. Full prepayment will be requested prior to your arrival and within a certain timeframe that our agent will inform you of.
Payments via a credit card imply that the customer that uses the credit card to proceed with any payment on our website is legally authorized to do so. It is also understood by the customer that the use of the credit card is a remote financial transaction that takes place either online or via telephone and can be disputed according to the legal grace period allowed. The customers of GreciaGo are encouraged and expected to raise any doubts on any charge via any of the company communication channels.

Reimbursements - Cancellations

GreciaGo customers can proceed to request amendments in Services’ delivery dates as early as 21 days prior to the services delivery, without any financial penalties. However, these alterations will be subject to availability constraints and service cost differentiations, that will have to be paid or returned, depending on the case of higher or lower service costs, by the customer. In any case of extra costs and fees necessary by the service provider, these will be covered by the customer.
Cancellations are accepted via any written and not verbal channel of communication. Cancellations will be processed on the next official Greek workday, after the communication from the Customer. GreciaGo reserves the right to enact cancellation expenses, if the cancellation is communicated by the customer to GreciaGo within less than 30 calendar days before any services relevant to the cancelled product are to be delivered.

Cancellation expenses are calculated as follows:

  1. For cancellations more than 15 calendar days before the first service delivery, a fee of 35% of the total purchased product cost
  2. For cancellations more than 7 calendar days before the first service delivery, and less than 16 calendar days before the first service delivery, a fee of 50% of the total purchased product cost
  3. For cancellations less than 8 calendar days before the first service delivery, a fee of 100% of the total purchased product cost
  4. In the case that the customer, without prior notice, does not receive any of the services included in his purchased product, a fee of 100% of the service cost is withheld by GreciaGo.

GreciaGo customers retain the right to purchase any of the Travel Insurance packages that GreciaGo offers through its’ affiliates, that cover up to 100% of costs of any of the above, as well as unforeseen medical services due to unfortunate events.
Additional expenses and fees, as well as reimbursements, are governed by the Deposits and Payments terms and conditions.

Additional costs

During or between the services delivery that are included in the GreciaGo customers’ purchased products, extra costs may arise, such as tips, customer chosen rental fees, venue or museum entrance fees and others. Any costs, unless included in the purchased product itinerary, are not included in the purchased costs and have to be covered by the customer.

Traveling documentation

Customers of GreciaGo can always ask GreciaGo agents for guidance on their needed traveling documentation. But traveling documentation compliance remains a responsibility of the customer in all cases and the customer has the duty to carry and maintain the necessary relevant documents relevant to the product purchased and their persons.

Customer Service

GreciaGo takes steps in order to always improve its services delivered to the customers.
GreciaGo Agents remain at the customers’ disposal for information and assistance, through all relevant communication channels.

Limitation of liability

GreciaGo is not responsible for any event of injury, theft, verbal or physical abuse, delays and accidents, diseases that may inflict the customer during the delivery of the services. This includes actions taken by any third party towards the customer, self-inflicted harm enacted by the customer or any natural event or force-majeure. GreciaGo also reserves the right to contact the authorities for any suspected illegal conduct of customers or third parties.

Disputes and litigation

GreciaGo is a licensed tour operator, regulated by the Greek Ministry of Tourism and an official member of HATTA.
Nevertheless, should any seemingly unsolvable dispute arise, the GreciaGo is governed by Greek Law and any such dispute will have be resolved in the courts of Athens, Greece.
If any article of these terms and conditions is held invalid or unenforceable, that article will be eliminated or limited to the minimum extent possible, and the remainder of the terms and conditions will have full force and effect.
Any GreciaGo product purchase precludes the customer acceptance of the Terms and Conditions listed here.